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Support with self-management for patients living with epilepsy

Conceptors and collaborators: Côté, J., Beaudet, L., Léger, V., Auger, P., Nguyen, D. K.

The educative intervention was developed by the Research Chair team in collaboration with the epilepsy clinic of the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM).

A pilot randomized control trial was conducted at the CHUM (2018-2019).



  • Côté, J., Beaudet, L., Auger, P., Rouleau, G., Chicoine, G., Léger, V., Keezer, M., Reid, M.-A., Nguyen, D.K. (2020) Evaluation of a web-based virtual nursing intervention to support self-management among adults with epilepsy: A mixed-methods study. Epilepsy & Behavior. (published online ahead of print)



  • UCB Canada
  • Savoy Foundation
  • Research Chair in Innovative Nursing Practices.